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Ryerson’s letter to the press

Dear Editor:

As you are aware, the city of Aspen has opened an investigation concerning my behavior in the Aspen Police Department.

The allegations against me are totally false, and I am confident that the investigation will prove that they are nothing more than malicious hearsay and cruel gossip.

These allegations are, however, enormously hurtful. They ” and the grossly unfair manner in which they have been leaked to the press and then published as fact ” have harmed me, my family and another innocent third party whose name has been dragged through the newspapers.

I have been a member of the Aspen Police Department for 23 years. I am proud of my service and performance throughout my career. I have endeavored to treat everyone ” members of the community, members of the department and other city employees ” with dignity and respect. I am deeply disappointed that I have not been afforded the same treatment in this matter.

This investigation was, by the city’s own rules, supposed to have been confidential and not publicly disclosed, so that people would not be harmed, so that reputations would not be needlessly damaged, and so that any allegations could be fully examined and assessed. Sadly, those rules have been ignored, and, as a consequence, people and reputations have been unnecessarily harmed.

Mary and I do wish to thank the very many of you who have offered your love and support to both of us, and our children, during this painful episode. We appreciate it deeply, and it reminds us of how wonderful this community truly is.

Loren Ryerson


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