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Ryan fudges the facts

Dear Editor:

First speech, first lie: Janesville, Wis., is Paul Ryan’s hometown. You would think he could at least get facts about the biggest factory in his hometown correct.

In his speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention, he blamed President Obama, stating that after Obama took his oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009, he was responsible for the closure of the Janesville, Wis., General Motors plant. First speech, first lie.

GM officially closed its Janesville plant on Dec. 23, 2008. Of course, this speech was filled with lies and misstatements. If a man starts out lying, he’ll probably go right on.

Most of his figures about budgets and the federal debt were incorrect. Every president from Reagan on increased the federal debt, except, of course, for Bill Clinton – he left office with a surplus. Clinton was the only Democrat.

When Reagan took office, our federal debt was under $1 trillion. When G.W. Bush left office, our federal debt was almost $11 trillion. Why do Republicans never mention this minor fact?

Most women I know don’t want to date men who lie. Why then would you vote for one who starts out lying?

Lawrence Rosenfield


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