Runyon a true independent |

Runyon a true independent

Dear Editor:I’m voting for Peter Runyon for county commissioner because he is a thoughtful, 34-year resident who has experienced life from our point of view, that of a typical employee and small businessman.He’s had the types of jobs that many of us have had, and he can sympathize with our needs. He’s also nonpolitical, as evidenced by his proposal to do away with political party labels at the county level. That’s smart!Most of all, however, he is a tough, independent-minded person who will come into meetings without a predetermined agenda, and who will resist the pressure from lawyers and lobbyists to ignore the planning commission and the countywide master plan. That’s important if we don’t want the uninterrupted sprawl of development to appear on the landscape along I-70 all the way from Dotsero to east Vail and up and down our side valleys too.Let’s keep some of our ranch and farmlands the way they are. Let’s protect our water from export to the Front Range. Peter Runyon stands for that, and that’s why I support him.Pat HammonWolcott

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