Running school district shouldn’t be popularity contest |

Running school district shouldn’t be popularity contest

Dear Editor:

The recent letter by Ms. Schlumberger patronizing the Roaring Fork School District’s Board of Education prompts me to write. Yes, patronizing, and yes, myopic in vision.

I have gone on record that the superintendent and staff have issues; however, there are some basics that people seem to fail to grasp:

1. Where does or did the money come from to undertake this “360” evaluation? I have yet to see any mention of this in the limited publicity.

2. Where would the money come from if in fact the board has to buy out the superintendent’s contract?

3. Why aren’t people concerned about the larger issue of school funding? Who knows what the state’s budget for K-12 will be? Shouldn’t the board be focused on funding issues rather than its own personal vendettas? This mill levy will not solve the issue!

4. What is the “360” doing for the staff? Focusing on that instead of the business at hand – education!

5. What organization is run by the rank and file? It is my understanding that the superintendent is in charge and gives the principals and teachers their marching orders (and not the other way around), and the board oversees this work. Perhaps the former boards of the superintendent didn’t do their job. I think, If I remember correctly, that in the armed forces the generals run things and the president and Congress supervise. Yes, let us put some blame on the boards of the past. I do not think the teachers are in charge, and if they are, we are all in trouble!

6. I do not understand the why the state Board of Education has praise for the work of the school district, and I believe “model” was the term used for the rest of the state and there is this concern over the work of the superintendent. Isn’t that what is important and not being popular? Where is this factor coming into play in this “360”?

Work is not a popularity contest – that is why we call it work. Programs are put in place to accomplish a goal. And in the district, educate our students. It seems that the district seems to be moving in the right direction. You give the superintendent way too much credit to be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the Department of Education!

This whole issue is very divisive and affecting the work in the classroom. Sure, there needs to be an evaluation. However, there are too many personal agendas to deal with! Funding and the success of the children have not been mentioned. Shame on the board and Ms. Schlumberger! These factors need to be addressed and not ignored.

Leary O’Gorman


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