Running on one’s record

Dear Editor:

Jack Johnson touts his record and knocks Rob Ittner for the lack of one as a reason to vote for Jack. He has it backward and wrong.

Johnson’s record on the City Council was one of failure punctuated by fits of petulance and overly rude behavior. It could not be said that he was a consensus builder; polarizing was more apt. Running for re-election with two open seats, Johnson could not secure either one, finishing third in the field. That bears repeating, an incumbent with two chances to return to office was turned away by the voters.

True, Ittner has not served in public office, but since when was that an automatic disqualifier, as Johnson would have it? Ittner has a record as a successful small business owner, having to meet a payroll and surviving in a difficult economy. On the right side of the issues, Ittner fits the mold of contemporary candidates that deserve serious attention because they bring business skills and accountability into public service.

Johnson too fits a mold, albeit a different one, a former elected official, defeated but running again, not because he wants to do the people’s work but rather that he needs the job.

Neil B. Siegel