Running from the truth |

Running from the truth

Dear Editor:Where’s the outrage? Does the “Big Lie” have to concern consensual sex (Clinton) or a two-bit break-in (Nixon) for our pathetic corporate media and Congress to demand the life-blood of democracy: accountability?As the Downing St. Memo shows, Bush had determined, by July 2002, “to remove Saddam, through the conjunction of WMD and terrorism, and to ‘fix’ the intel around the policy.”No big surprise that governments lie. But that commercial media (including the “liberal” N.Y. Times and Washington Post) would not cover concrete proof of the massive fraud that has led our country off this huge cliff (Iraq) is astounding!As Papa Hemingway famously observed, “Fascism is a lie told by bullies,” and to restore America to that “shinning city on the hill,” there needs to be a reckoning. is a start (rep. from Michigan).Bush can run but he can’t hide from the truth.Ben NewellAspen


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