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Runaway Dunaway

Dear Editor:

Bil Dunaway, who was my biking and hiking partner for some 40 years, once said to me that there were two kinds of people: those who loved speed and those who didn’t. He was in the former group and I in the latter. Bil always went as fast as possible on every form of locomotion. The first bike trip we took together was in Bali.

There was a beautiful waterfall a bit off the main road, halfway down a somewhat steep hill. Bil shot past the turnoff like a rocket. On a trip to France, where Bil was going down hills no-handed, the trip leader took me aside and asked if I could talk to him. I explained that no one could talk to him. Bil liked fast cars and fast skis.

The only time I could ski with him was when he was guiding the blind, a program that he financed for several years. I think he managed to break almost every bone in his body. He was an original and I will never know anyone quite like him.

Jeremy Bernstein



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