Rugger what? |

Rugger what?

Dear Editor:I can’t understand how you can ignore Ruggerfest for four days. Teams come from all over the country, hundreds, maybe thousands, of people come to watch and support, and The Aspen Times never writes a word about it. Four days and one picture with an uninformative subtitle.A lot of AP-lifted stories about sports in other towns, but, no information as to which teams are competing here; no summary of who won or lost, or who is advancing and who is not; not even a box score of the games; not even a hint in the Sunday paper as to when the finals are going to be played. To be fair, your competitor, the Aspen Daily News, did no better. But, surely, you must have at least sports reporters. If you use Aspen in your masthead, don’t you have some obligation to report on significant Aspen events? I know this was only the 29th year of Ruggerfest, but next year, for the 30th anniversary, please try to pay attention to the festival.George FesusAspenEditor’s note: The Times ran three stories and four pictures of Ruggerfest during the four days of the festival. We’ll try to do more next year.

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