Ruffled by online registration |

Ruffled by online registration

Dear Editor: Having taken the weekend edition of the Aspen Times for several years and having enjoyed many of the articles, I now would like to register a small complaint. I do not care for having to check in to read an article online, and most of the time it will not let us in unless we go through a lengthy process of doing so. This paper is not exactly high-security in nature and for mostly entertainment. Much ado about nothing seems to be the order of the day.We have always enjoyed Mountain Mayhem greatly and it has not been in the Sunday/weekend anymore. We thought perhaps it would return to Sundays but alas it has not. We think it is a loss since it is about the real people who work, play and support the area. The parties that are not for 1,000 guests but small groups having fun and about their families and trips they earn/work so hard for.We implore you to make room for the column in the Sunday paper again. Since we live so far away we cannot pick up the daily paper. We visit as often as possible and have gotten to know many wonderful residents of the beautiful town of Aspen.T and J KorteFreeport, Ill.

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