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Ruff and tuff

It always boggles the mind when bleeding heart liberals claim rodeos are cruelty to animals. They cite anecdoted incidents to paint a false picture of chronic abuse.

Rodeo is a hard, demanding sport. Cattle and horses are physically suited for such activity. Electric prods provide shock value, not harm.

For the New Age crowd to categorically claim that all rodeo animals are “maimed, tortured, injured, starved and murdered” is plain bullshit.

It’s also typical of them to cry foul about personal attacks, then in the next sentence accuse people of being “ignorant” because they disagree on “the information given.” Quoting a couple of animal whisperers doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Is the answer Jainism, an offshoot of the Hindu religion, that goes to the extreme of wearing face masks so they don’t inhale/ingest any flying insects?

Which then begs the question of killing plants to eat for food. Do plants have consciousness/souls?

Is it a rodeo animal’s karma to roped and tied?

Rodeos are ruff and tuff, not suitable for whiney little hippy chicks.

Remember: Just blow its nose and wipe its ass; that’s rare enuff for me.


Jimmy Pierce

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