Rubey Park opens after nine months of labor |

Rubey Park opens after nine months of labor

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times
Local bus-goers check out the new Rubey Park station, which opened to the public Friday evening.
Erica Robbie/The Aspen Times |

The city of Aspen Transportation Department unveiled its highly anticipated new Rubey Park station Friday evening, just in time for the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s peak winter schedule, which begins today and will last throughout the ski season, said transportation director John Krueger.

With Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk opening for the season today, RFTA will begin its routes to and from both mountains, city transportation manager Lynn Rumbaugh said.

The transportation authority also will increase its downvalley routes, Rumbaugh said.

This, along with the facility’s grand opening, came as great news to cold, commuting bus riders.

Fourteen-year-old Jose Angel, who lives in Basalt but attends school in Aspen, said it is “really great to have this here again,” especially in the chilly winter months.

Angel sat on a bench inside the station’s waiting area alongside his friend Uriel Chaparra, also 14.

Being too young to drive, the two said they rely on the buses to get around, and that they are very excited about the new station.

From purchasing bus passes to waiting inside the freshly painted facility, roughly a dozen people occupied the station merely 40 minutes after it had opened.

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority CEO Dan Blankenship said Rubey Park serves more than 2 million passengers annually.

All of the RFTA in-town and downvalley routes start and end at Rubey Park.

The nine-month-long, $9.3 million project replaced the former station, which was 30 years old and in need of renovation, Krueger said.