Royal St. owners give back to community |

Royal St. owners give back to community

Dear Editor:

We were pleased to see that Michael and Peter from Royal Street Fine Art Gallery were exonerated from charges investigated by the Aspen Police Department concerning any wrongdoing involving areas of forgery, fraud and copyright infringement.

It’s so hard in today’s economic climate to survive – especially in any retail business. Negative or controversial media coverage hurts everyone in a small town whether they are directly involved or not.

It has been my experience that Michael and Peter have been very giving both financially and of their time to help further the mission of the Shining Stars Foundation and other nonprofits in the valley. We’ve been so blessed by the generosity of the business community in Aspen, even in these tough times, that I hope partnerships will continue and misunderstandings can be worked out so healthy business relationships can be fostered and benefit all parties involved.

Kathy Gingery

director, Shining Stars Foundation

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