Roy wrong on entrance |

Roy wrong on entrance

Shellie Roy, Pitkin County commissioner, has done what I thought impossible. She has placed me in front of a computer screen, writing one more letter regarding the Entrance to Aspen.

According to Ms. Roy, “The people of Aspen have had a policy for over 30 years that easy vehicle access into town is not wanted. We demanded from CDOT a two-lane highway improvement not the four-lane they proposed.”

The only solution to the Entrance to Aspen which has ever received the unconditional and unqualified support of the voters of Aspen is a four-lane highway through the Marolt property. The only reason that portion of the highway is not already built is because City Council members Bill Tuite, Frank Peters and Bill Stirling refused to honor the vote of the people, a policy later endorsed by Rachel Richards and John Bennett, among others.

The congestion at the Entrance to Aspen is solely, totally and absolutely the fault of elected officials who ignored and perverted the democratic process in the service of their personal agendas.

In the intervening years, the refusal of the electorate to endorse any two-lane solution through the Marolt property is living testimony that there will be no solution until they are once again offered an opportunity to vote for what they actually want – a four-lane highway through the Marolt property.

The situation is the exact opposite of that described by Commissioner Roy.

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