Roy brings open mind to table |

Roy brings open mind to table

Dear Editor:In spite of growth pressures within the Roaring Fork Valley, Pitkin County continues to direct growth in a progressive manner, so as to protect our environmental values while meeting the needs of its citizens. As a longtime local, I have observed Pitkin County Commissioner Shellie Roy as being both accessible and objective, with an open mind and ear.As a county commissioner, Roy has played an important role in protecting our environment and maintaining the local values we cherish. Her role as a commissioner has been both objective and impartial. She is a pragmatist with a heart. She combines common sense with compassion. She understands our community. When the chips are down, she is not afraid to make those tough decisions, even when they are not always popular. Shellie is sincere and honest. She is a dedicated public official who represents no special interest or enclaves. Shellie is both receptive and open-minded. She considers all viewpoints in a fair and consistent manner before making any decision. Most importantly, she listens! – a rare and unique quality for a public official.As a longtime resident of this county, I urge all Pitkin County voters to vote for Shellie Roy for another term as county commissioner. Please also consider a vote for Jack and Dorothea, as we need their experience too!Jim MarkalunasAspen

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