Round and round |

Round and round

Dear Editor:

Roger Marolt, I accept your offer to accept my challenge to be my partner in the Power of Four and then do your challenge – Aspen Mountain’s Black Diamond Challenge. That sounds like a nice day of active rest after our big race. Make sure to bring your brothers along for protection.

I read your last column (“Don’t start treating Aspen’s wealthy visitors well now,” Feb. 17, The Aspen Times) about being mean to our guests, not because I wanted to, or enjoy reading that schlock – but because I wanted to try to get inside your head and see

what makes you tick since we’re going to be partners for this big meaningful race.

So I foolishly took your advice and tried making fun of one of my best customers as an experiment. As usual, he walked into my store and demanded a deep discount. I kindly explained he was already getting the locals’ rate. He continued in on me, and I smugly told him “here’s a quarter, go call someone who cares” and proceeded getting his order ready.

You were right. He got his wallet out in a hurry – only it was to put his thick black American Express card back in it and storm off! That’s the last time I’ll be taking your advice. My humble suggestion to you: more training, less complaining.

What is wrong with you, Roger?

Lo Semple