Roots of moral insanity |

Roots of moral insanity

Dear Editor:

(Re: Eric Gorski, “Politics, faith on collision course,” The Denver Post, May 16.)

Apparently, we must now post a sign over the portal to St. Mary’s Catholic Church: “Only true-blue Republicans are welcome here.”

Many Catholics in Colorado cannot take seriously the “fatwa” issued by Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, excluding from communion those of us who choose to vote for a pro-choice candidate.

Exclusion from communion is the closest the Church comes nowadays to excommunication – a practice that officially consigned the guilty to the company of the devil.

To demonize others because of their conscientious stance on abortion can only lead to the same kind of moral insanity that, not too long ago, propelled some of our bishops to abrogate their own responsibility for making tough decisions by simply transferring from parish to parish priests who were known pedophiles.

Do they really expect us to follow their lead here and do what they once did: Make a simplistic decision that would supposedly relieve us of any further responsibility for having to wrestle with this and the other complex issues involved in this election?

Hypocrisy is obviously not a sin for these dogmatists, but a necessity and a way of life. It makes possible the armories of mass destruction side by side with the proliferation of churches and charities that we find in places like Colorado Springs. It also enables these prelates to preach – to wax self-righteous about something they personally will never have to struggle with – and to practice what they do not preach.

Joel Brence


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