Romney not a man of the people |

Romney not a man of the people

Dear Editor:

After reading the accolades by the Republican chairperson in our valley about Mitt Romney, I’m still trying to figure out what he did to deserve it.

When he was young, he raked leaves and shoveled snow for the elderly and swept out church after services! Wow, does that qualify him to be a candidate for president? There are thousands of volunteers who do things for their church and others, and there are many very wealthy people who do wonderful things by sharing their good fortune with those less fortunate.

Romney must be awfully wealthy when he is afraid to disclose his income-tax papers! What is he hiding? Romney and Ryan are two-of-a-kind and do everything to put down the working-class people in America, while the Republicans in Congress vote down every proposed bill by Democrats that might benefit the middle-class!

There is too much partisan politics in our Congress today. I heard Romney in his speech give credit to those who gave their lives defending America. Why didn’t he defend our country instead of getting four deferments so he wouldn’t have to serve?

Romney wants to have our troops to go into Syria, McCain wants them to go in to Iran. Hasn’t our military suffered enough in the two wars Bush got us into? The senseless dying goes on and on!

Does the Romney-Ryan ticket think war will stimulate the economy? All the economic indicators available show that things are getting better since Obama was elected – slowly but surely! It took the previous Republican administration eight years to run our country into its present condition, so let’s keep them out of the White House with their horse-and-buggy thinking!

I’m a World War II combat veteran and in the twilight of my life, but my richness is not in dollars and cents – but in my family! My wonderful immigrant parents are from Norway. Money can’t buy my four children and my 11 grandchildren and my wife of over 50 years!

Frieda Wallison, some day I’ll stand before my maker with my hat in my hand awaiting judgment, not a checkbook!

Chris Tessem


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