Romero: a strong leader |

Romero: a strong leader

Dear Editor:I have known Dwayne Romero for 10 years as a family friend and advisor, and I would like to take this opportunity to vouch for his leadership.I am now attending college at Lambuth University in Jackson, Tenn., where I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in sports and recreation. While I have been in college, I have had a chance to observe many types of leaders; and when one looks at the quality of a potential leader, there are many things to take into account. The things I am going to mention are all characteristics that Mr. Romero possesses.Because I know Dwayne personally and what he has experienced in his life, I can say this: Dwayne Romero possesses traits that we all wish our local and federal government leaders would have. Dwayne is a man who holds onto his values, visions, and his experiences. He is a man of observation and a man with the ability to adapt to change. In view of Dwayne’s experience as a West Point graduate, I know Dwayne has the ability to perform under pressure and never stop working or attacking a problem until the job is finished. Additionally, his degree from Harvard was earned because he is a man of great intelligence and motivation. As a graduate of both West Point and Harvard, Dwayne is better-educated, and more qualified for the job than anyone else running in this campaign.It occurs to me that Dwayne could run for other offices as well as City Council, but the fact is that he loves our valley too much to leave it, so he stays here to try and make things better. Dwayne is married and the father of three daughters, a resident of Aspen, and a co-owner of a small start-up business in Aspen. Dwayne has also been in the valley for over a decade and has done many good things that have gone unnoticed. What this shows is that Dwayne does not do good things for acknowledgment – he does them because he knows it is the right thing to do.Then there is Dwayne’s style of leadership. According to one of my classes that I am taking at Lambuth University, Dwayne is a Theory Y type of leader (Douglas McGregor, 1966). This means that Dwayne is a man who believes people are motivated to do their jobs, and he is dedicated to share his motivation for social improvement with his colleagues on the council. This is a good trait to possess because people will want to work with him, as compared to those leaders who are a Theory X style of leader, who believes he or she must threaten their followers so that they will get the job done.On May 8, please vote for Dwayne Romero!J.T. Donovan VIIIJackson, Tenn./Basalt

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