Rocky Mountain maps available online |

Rocky Mountain maps available online

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

LAKEWOOD, Colo. ” The U.S. Forest Service has made all its maps for the Rocky Mountain region available for sale online.

Shoppers can find everything from a Colorado Wilderness Guide to a map on the Comanche National Grassland out in the plains of the state. Maps are also available for national forests from the Dakotas to Alaska.

The one-stop shopping is available at the National Forest Store,

District and forest supervisor offices will still carry maps that walk-in customers can purchase, but selections are limited. The National Forest Store puts the entire forest system are at a user’s fingertips.

The National Forest Visitor Maps provide information on recreational uses, trails, roads, streams and lakes and developed facilities like campgrounds. They don’t show topography of the land.

National Forest Wilderness Maps do show topographic details. The store also carries National Forest atlases for California.

Navigating the map selection online can be a bit cumbersome, at first. There is an alphabetical map list, but it covers 14 states. Better options are available via links to search by state or by forest name.

Shoppers must set up an account, then they pile items into their cart and check out similar to websites such as Shipping charges apply, as does a service charge.