Rock the boat or row? |

Rock the boat or row?

I’d like to thank the latest “class” of candidates running for the Snowmass Town Council. Some new blood would be a desirable addition, since our future is at our doorstep.

As an interested citizen, I challenge the four candidates not on council (Merc will already be doing his job) to show up and participate in the discussion concerning the Base Village sketch plan.

We want to hear you speak out on the issues of density, height, roadways, transit, parking, development of open space, credits for housing, land trades, economics and community character.

No need to wait until the Snowmass Sun’s election forum. No need to pose hypothetical questions for an evening. The real deal is here and now. The last three dates, unless extended, for sketch plan review, are Sept. 3, 9 and the 23.

The question for our community is what two will make the “grade”? Do we want someone who will “rock the boat” … or do we want someone who will “row” the developer home? It’s our choice! We’re all watching.

Jack Hatfield

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