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Robert Tucker

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Aspen, CO ColoradoPart-time Roaring Fork Valley resident Robert Tucker died on Dec. 7, 2006.

He was born in Cleveland on Oct. 10, 1923, then as a young boy moved to New York City. At age 10, he and his mother moved across the country to east Los Angeles.He was involved in the beginning of the “Muscle Beach” phenomenon in Santa Monica and worked out with best friends like Harold Zinkin (Mr. Universe) and Joe Gold (Gold’s Gym). After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he joined the Merchant Marines at age 17 and sailed around the world supporting the war effort.

When he returned to Southern California, he met his bride-to-be, Carmen (Pamela) Ruiz, and they were married for 27 years until her death at age 49. They had three children. He was successful in business, starting as a Fuller Brush man and moving on to own several retail stores that sold appliances, televisions, and later, home theater systems.Robert was an old-school liberal who was never afraid to defend his positions with the predominantly Republican friends he made in Orange County. Nothing interested him more than a passionate political discussion, and he was extremely well-versed in history and current events.

Robert was a lover of fine food and wine. He was a part-time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley and loved the mountain towns and reading the local papers. He was a huge fan and supporter for many years of the Crystal Palace Dinner Theatre in Aspen. He was known for his generosity with his family, friends and business associates. He became a father figure to many of his employees, and was loved universally.Survivors include his children, Pami, Tomas and Tina; his wife, Patricia; his grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. A grand party took place in Robert’s honor Dec. 17 at the Cannery Restaurant in Newport Beach, with a mariachi band, hearty Mexican food and a host of loving tributes. He will be missed beyond measure.

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