Robbed of our land |

Robbed of our land

On Aug. 15, three of the City Councilmen, in a continued display of disregard for Aspen voters and in a fit of childish stubbornness, gave to the State of Colorado prime Aspen land for the construction of a straight shot entrance into our town.

In their view, an incredible feat will happen once a four-lane bridge is in place: more cars will come into Aspen from a 45 mph zone into a 25 mph zone without having to slow down and without ever causing another traffic backup at our entrance.

The pricetag for this experiment is $65 million. These councilmen were also in a mad unexplained rush to transfer the land. Why?

We surely feel like we were robbed of our land. Let’s not forget it when the next election comes.

Lenir Drake


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