Roaring Fork Transportation Authority going contactless with mobile pay and ticketing |

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority going contactless with mobile pay and ticketing

Staff report
Passengers load a Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus.
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The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is launching contactless fare payment through a mobile app service.

“Introducing this new mobile fare payment system makes using our services safer, easier and more efficient for everyone,” RFTA CEO Dan Blankenship said in a news release.

RFTA will be adding the opportunity to pay and show tickets through their smartphone starting Nov. 21.

The contactless fare payments system with Masabi’s Justride Platform, a new mobile payment app, will give riders quick and convenient access, making transit more accessible for all, according to the release. 

The app will allow riders to purchase and show their tickets at any time, straight from their phone which can help speed up the boarding process for all. 

Tickets can be purchased as single one-way and round-trip tickets at a discounted rate of 25% off across all RFTA regional routes, 30-day zone passes for routes to and from the city of Aspen and Seasonal Zone Passes, according to the release.

Downloading and signing up for the app will award riders with one free day pass to use on any of RFTA’s regional services. 

When activated, the free pass can be used until 4 a.m. the next day. The free 1-day pass will be available for activation for 30-days in the account holders ticket wallet, according to the release. 

“We’re delighted to be going mobile and working with Masabi, not just to make RFTA a better service for our locals, but a more efficient way of connecting our region,” Blankenship said. 

The Masabi mobile app payment company is already used by the Regional Transportation District in Denver and through Bustang. 

“Building on Masabi’s presence in Colorado with RTD Denver, ECO Transit, Bustang, CDOT and Mountain Metro, our ticketing technology allows RFTA to quickly provide their customers with affordable and equitable fares, no matter how much or little they travel – making transit fairer and faster for all,” said Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi said.

The service will also allow riders to add funds to their accounts through the app or the web portal with a bank card, or with cash at RFTA’s Rubey Park Transit Center. Riders will be able to pre-purchase multiple tickets ahead of time and activate them as they board the bus. 

While boarding, riders will be asked to activate their tickets on their phone and then scan the activated ticket on the validation machines on the bus. The light will turn green when the ticket has been validated. 

“Modern public transit systems need to have accessibility and equity at their heart, and we are delighted to see cities and towns across the world recognizing this and entrusting Masabi with the job of delivering solutions to help make that a reality for their residents and visitors alike,” Zanghi said.

RFTA will continue to accept current Stored Value Cards, 30-day Zone passes and cash aboard all buses. In addition, passengers will still be able to purchase discounted cards at ticket vending machines and current sales outlets throughout its service area, according to the release.

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