Roaring Fork running low, but boat therapy is good for soul no matter flow |

Roaring Fork running low, but boat therapy is good for soul no matter flow

Anna Stonehouse
The Aspen Times
Rafting on the upper Colorado River on Sunday.
Anna Stonehouse/The Aspen Times

Not only were the lack of powder days this season a letdown, river runoff this summer is meek as well due to the decreased snow pack. Double bummers …

I’ve said it before but I am a complete river rat and so pumped for this upcoming river season. Last summer I “judged” my friends who went rafting with me to pick out who would make the cut this season for high-water boating based on their paddling abilities. I was fully ready to charge the rivers both mentally and physically.

The river already has peaked. Already! I was out of town meeting my new nephew and completely missed high water for the summer. Driving downvalley on Highway 82, and it’s just sad looking over at the Fork and how low it is. Mother Nature has really messed with my plans this summer.

That being said, it hasn’t kept me from getting out on the rivers. This weekend I even did double river excursions including rafting the upper Colorado River and then stand-up paddleboarding on the Roaring Fork. I was elated all weekend; being out on the water truly is good for my soul.

Perhaps this is the year I should consider paddleboarding more often to get that rush of adrenaline on waves that my raft would easily cut right through but can be intimidating on a SUP. My coworker said to me yesterday, “You always have some type of watercraft on your car, don’t you?”

Another moment this weekend of “testing the waters” was going on my first river date with someone Sunday. Dating can be difficult enough awkwardly sitting at a dinner for an hour or so, but taking someone out on my raft who was literally trapped with me for about five hours with no escape for either of us was a whole different experience. We had gotten our first date hiking out of the way a couple of weeks prior, giving me the ability to see if taking him out rafting was a good idea or not. I am perfectly content on the water by myself, but sharing the river with other people who love it as immensely as I do makes me so happy. Luckily my date did just that. He fell in love with the river and rafting that day.

We can’t control the weather or nature, but we can control our attitudes. Get outside and enjoy to the best of your abilities, people. It’ll make you appreciate the particularly awesome seasons that much more. Happy boating!