Road trip? deSoL plays freebie in Dillon |

Road trip? deSoL plays freebie in Dillon

Leslie Brefeld
Summit County correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado
deSoL brings its brand of rock 'n' roll and Latin soul to the Lake Dillon Amphitheatre for a free show Friday at 5 p.m. (Contributed photo)

DILLON, Colo. ” When Albie Monterrosa and his bandmates in deSoL got an offer to play a month’s long tour in the Middle East for the troops, they considered it a calling.

“When we heard about it, we took a step back ” going to the Middle East in wartime …” Monterrosa said. “Since we started the band we always put in the hand of the higher up. It’s important for us to be guided that way and follow the road where it leads us.

“We’re a band that makes people smile, dance, have a good time ” these guys need us out there,” he said of the group’s thinking. Within minutes the band had made the decision to travel to Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and Djibouti, Africa.

“It changed our perspective on war,” Monterrosa said of the October 2006, trip.

Although they did not leave the base in Iraq, he spoke of meeting the troops and the locals.

“Our heart went out to the other side and our side. At the end of the day we’re all on the same side,” he said.

In Africa, it was the poverty that made the most impact.

“In Mexico, you see kids begging for money. This is a whole different level of poverty.”

Monterrosa said he went out one day to buy gifts and souvenirs, but ended up giving his money to the children there who were gesturing to their mouths for food. He also went back to the bus and brought back the nuts and snack food they had there.

“To see kids 4 years old and 6 years old begging for food; it turns your life around and your priorities around,” he said.

The experience, along with other factors, has led the band to branch out in some new directions.

Their new album, “On My Way,” reflects their newfound perspective and also strays a bit from Latino rock. With a change in lineup ” lead guitar player Rich Soto left and Kevin Ansell took his place ” they’ve been able to try some new things.

“It’s cool for the band at this time for not everything to be so lead guitar heavy, not so Carlos Santana heavy ” although the band still resonates with that,” Monterrosa said.