Road rage explained |

Road rage explained

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed reading Hilary L. Burgess’ recent letter to the editor. We seem to concur with our view of drivers in the Roaring Fork Valley. Her observations of how people seem considerate most of the time until they start to drive is baffling to me as well. I believe I know the reason behind these observations. Drivers on the roads today drive as they do because they can.

The priorities of our local (et al.) government are skewed for who the heck knows why. In a conversation with friends, I learned that the Aspen Police Department only tickets 8 percent of the people they stop. Why doesn’t everyone get a ticket? I know the driver ed teacher discussed the dangers of speeding in at least one class. I even bet there is a part about speeding and aggressive driving on the test. So it’s not like people who speed and drive aggressively don’t know that they are not supposed to do it. If drivers thought that law enforcement (and the courts) took speeding and aggressive driving seriously, I believe the number of reckless driving (and deaths) would decrease considerably.

But it seems to me that our local leaders want our law enforcement to handle all the HOV bad guys instead of the guy drafting near my bumper ready to take me out. It also seems to me that RFTA buses are exempt when it comes to speeding. Has a RFTA bus driver ever gotten a ticket? A bus driver has the responsibility for the lives of the passengers on his bus. Why was I passed on the right, as I was merging right, by bus 616 cruising through the Buttermilk stop at more than the posted 25 mph in a construction zone at 9:30 p.m.? It seems as if the rules to do not apply to RFTA drivers. “Express” does not mean go as fast as you can.

Hilary, we are not stupid girls. Hang in there! “Be the change you want to see.”

Kim Vieira


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