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Road games

Dear Editor:There are four new games in Aspen on Highway 82 and connecting roads: Bumper Cars, Slip ‘n’ Slide, Who Can Stop on a Dime? and Close Your Eyes, the Light is Red.With as much snow as we have gotten, some people have refused to take it easy. Maybe there are two med bottles in their bathrooms – one says vitamins, the other stupid pills – and on snowy days the stupid pills are grabbed by accident. Perhaps they have a burrito and are running two forms of gas. There is no job worth the defective driving I have seen in some of these storms. I’ve seen RFTA buses, school buses, driving as if the driver left his brain behind. These are people in the drivers’ care. I just don’t want to hurt anyone or be hurt. I actually have a great gift and treasure I want to see again, my 14-year-old son, Joshua.Now for the Stop-on-a-Dime group! The pedestrians feel they can jump out in front of vehicles, with the ice buildup on the roads, and the cars can stop on a dime with 9 cents change? Maybe they take bets among themselves to see who can cross the street without getting hit or causing an accident. They don’t even use the crosswalks, not that you can see them. But in Aspen you have to stop for the buffoons. When you see a vehicle coming, take the extra seconds and let them go first – they cannot stop fast this year, even when doing the speed limit or lower.The last game is the saddest and most deadly. Some of the drivers think the faster they drive the less red lights they’ll hit on the road. They get up close to the car in front, as if they can hitch a ride in the back. What’s the point? In the morning by the airport you sit in a parade, may as well as wave and enjoy. You’d be surprised how many cars, buses and trucks I’ve seen do it, especially when it’s snowing. Doing 10 mph less then the speed limit, you can actually make the lights without stopping, and if you leave enough room between cars, you can stop without sliding into them. There are some out there that like to extend the middle finger, but hey, just wave your whole hand back, maybe these are hands that are missing three fingers and a thumb!There is a group of people out there that deserve our wholehearted thanks and praises. The road guys have done a marvelous job keeping the roads clear of snow so that we’ll be somewhat safe. Keep up the good work, there are a lot of us that do so appreciate what you’re doing.Stay safe, slow down, look before you walk, and for everyone around you don’t run a stoplight or stop sign. Take those smart pills in the morning, stay off the gas pedal, and rest assured that someone out there is praying that God will keep you safe whether you believe in him or not. I do, and that is all that matters to me.Ida Marie Palisin KingCarbondale