Rio Grande Park bathroom in Aspen vandalized |

Rio Grande Park bathroom in Aspen vandalized

Staff report

An unknown person or group of people trashed the men’s bathroom at Rio Grande Park on Sunday night, police said.

The damage included dented and broken toilet-stall doors that appeared to have been repeatedly kicked, said Aspen police detective Ritchie Zah.

“It looked pretty extensive,” Zah said.

The stall door was kicked in beyond the metal latch, he said.

Maintenance workers repaired much of the damage, and the bathroom remains in a workable state, Zah said.

A damage estimate was not available Tuesday, he said. Police were attempting to review footage from a camera at the bathroom to try to identify the vandal or vandals, he said.

“Those bathrooms are frequented by the transient population,” Zah said. “It’s a warm place for them to stay at night.”


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