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Righting the balance

Dear Editor: As the planetary human population has grown since the year 1750 from about 1 billion to now over 6 billion, could this increase not presumably have an effect upon an ecosystem that took several billion years to evolve and reach a “balance.”We have shifted that balance. As the 1970’s rock group The Moody Blues asked – in their “Question of Balance” album – we now must ask what about the effects of overpopulation on the global climate?Please visit http://www.popconnect.org, rather than absorb information from Jeffrey “WRONG” Evans (The Aspen Times, July 28). He is as wrong about global warming as he is about valley rail transport systems.And to correct the issue of global warming, please read Freeman Dyson a noted physicist regarding oxygen depletion which will make you think that global warming is more like a bad cold, when compared to what is happening to our global oxygen balance.Sven Erik AlstromAspen

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