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Ride the bus

As I got on the school bus this morning, I noticed that there were many empty seats. There are not enough kids using the school’s transportation.

The Aspen School District pays a lot of money for school buses, even if the students don’t ride them. There are about 14 buses that go on different routes. The transportation the school provides is something that all students should use. Students should ride the bus because cars can pollute the environment and cause traffic.

If more kids ride the school bus instead of having their parents give them a ride it would improve our air. Fewer cars on the road would decrease the amount of pollutants going into the atmosphere. This would improve our air quality.

Another reason why students should ride the school buses is because it would reduce the traffic in the mornings. All of the cars in the morning filled with students getting a ride from their parents are increasing the traffic. If there were fewer students in cars and more students riding the buses it would benefit our community.

To decrease traffic and improve air quality, please consider using the transportation that the school provides.

Brittany Knowlton


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