Rick Perry’s engine always running

Dear Editor:

While reading the July 21 Aspen Times article, “Aspen Plays Host to GOP,” I came across Gov. Rick Perry of Texas’ quote from his visit here last summer – “Somebody has to say this: ‘My name is Rick Perry and I am a global warming skeptic.'”

Gov. Perry and his entourage stayed next door to us last summer. The house next door is usually vacant, so when a fleet of black Suburbans showed up with a complete security detail, we took notice. We also noticed the Suburbans idled at all hours. After a couple of days’ worth of witnessing this my wife asked why the Suburbans couldn’t be turned off when not in use. She was told the cars were running to keep the air-conditioning on for the governor’s comfort. When she pointed out that the outside temperature was quite pleasant and that Aspen had a no-idle ordinance, the bodyguard/driver rolled up his tinted window, without a word, car still idling.

My wife, not pleased, called the APD and, to my surprise, an officer was sent. After a conversation with the gentlemen next door, the officer informed us that our neighbor had diplomatic immunity. The idling continued. So much for our Canary Initiative.

Gov. Rick Perry is here in town. Perhaps he’ll use the occasion to announce his intention to run for president.

John Doyle