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RFTA’s a good deal

Dear Editor:

In response to Richard Spencer’s letter from Thursday, June 26, I’d like to clarify the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s (RFTA) fares. He states that RFTA has “yet again raised its fares,” when, in fact, RFTA has not had a cash fare increase in more than 10 years. The cash fare for a one-way trip for one person from Basalt to Aspen is $3. For the two people in Mr. Spencer’s scenario, it should have been $6, rather than the $8 he mentioned. Furthermore, the price goes down even lower when using a prepaid punch pass, which provides a 30 percent discount for a 20- or 40-punch pass, bringing the price for that same trip down to $2 per person. For an approximately 18-mile one-way trip, that seems pretty darnn affordable, at about 11 cents per mile, per person.

Mr. Spencer also compared RFTA to Denver’s RTD system (not quite apples to apples), saying that a 50-mile trip all the way to Nederland costs only $8. With RFTA, should you choose to go the same distance, to New Castle (along the I-70 Hogback), you can do that 50-mile trip for a mere $7 ($4.90 with a punch pass).

Considering the cost of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle and parking fees (and potential tickets!), using RFTA is still far more economical than driving your car. Not to mention the savings on the environment and the boost to the economy when you spend your savings locally. It’s time to rethink abandoning public transportation and, instead, park your car and get back on the bus, Gus.

Sylvia Cranmer

Communications and Marketing Manager

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority


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