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RFTA workerswill get raises

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Regardless of whether voters approve a sales tax increase for RFTA in November, employees of the bus agency can count on a raise in 2005, according to management and the board of directors.Chief Executive Officer Dan Blankenship said preliminary budgets – one assuming passage of a property tax, the other assuming failure – are based on a 4 percent salary and wage increase across the board on Jan. 1.RFTA employees faced a wage freeze this year. “Everybody is making due,” he said.RFTA employs a peak of 210 people during the height of winter and 180 other times of the years.RFTA board member and Carbondale Councilman Scott Chaplin said the agency will start losing some good employees if it doesn’t come through with raises in 2005. Other board members said employees shouldn’t pay for a budget that hasn’t matched expectations because of an economic slump after Sept. 11, 2001.Blankenship’s own salary next year depends on his employees getting raises. The board of directors voted to raise Blankenship’s $88,000 salary by up to 4 percent next year, with one important condition. He will receive the same amount of increase that other employees receive. by Scott Condon