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RFTA is out of control

Dear Editor:

I didn’t witness the recent RFTA accident but I have been so close to being clocked by the bus drivers hired and trained to pretend they are the gods of the road that I would believe that the young driver was doing everything right – learning to drive on an icy Highway 82 with his father while simultaneously dealing with maniacal RFTA bus drivers.

Quite frankly, and I see many more comments online from others, RFTA bus drivers are rude, drive way too fast, make sudden lane changes and intimidate the most seasoned drivers by their audacious mentality. It is a rare day when a RFTA bus driver is cited for anything; somehow they are immune to the law and almost 100 percent of accidents involving a bus is deemed the fault of someone else! Amazing.

My daughter and I were very nearly killed by a RFTA bus driver who came roaring out of Snowmass Canyon going upvalley into bright sunlight one morning; at the last second he saw a customer waiting at a bus stop and swerved the bus at a radical right angle to swoop in and stop.

Only problem was, I was already in the acceleration lane merging onto Highway 82 but hey, oops, he never saw me. We stared straight up at this monster bus going way beyond the speed limit cutting us off and screeching to a halt; we thought we were dead. I am certain that if had wiped us out, somehow it wouldn’t have been RFTA’s fault.

In my opinion, RFTA is out of control – both with how they promote this kind of driving and their never-ending expenditures and quest for more money. Are they accountable at all? At this point, for the regular Joe, it costs more to ride the bus than to drive … but more dangerous to drive with them on the road.

Martha Ferguson

Snowmass Village

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