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RFTA bus drivers should set example

Dear Editor:

I was so happy to read The Aspen Times front-page article May 13, 2011 about the town of Basalt’s efforts to curb speeding.

The fact that RFTA petitioned law enforcement to step up patrols confirms to me there is a serious problem. This request is the result of the crash that happened when a flat-bed truck driver, with six years of driving experience, does not see a red traffic light in a blowing snowstorm, and ploughs into a full RFTA bus heading to Snowmass Village. To me, the fact that this accident did not happen the other way, where the RFTA bus ran the red light and crashed into the flatbed truck, is only a stroke of luck. I bet more than one person was saying their prayers on that bus.

Besides the Basalt police, I hope RFTA also looks to their own drivers, reminding them of their obligation to the people of this valley. RFTA needs to take seriously the complaints of its passengers. I cannot believe that RFTA would intentionally allow drivers to drive aggressively and yet I regularly witness not only RFTA buses, but city of Aspen and Pitkin County government vehicles accelerating way faster than the speed limit and weather conditions allow.

I have regularly seen RFTA buses fly through the red light at Aspen Village. But I also see many vehicles, private and commercial, run the light there. I believe that if RFTA is serious about reducing speeding on Highway 82, they need to set an example.

RFTA is waiting patiently for a grant from the federal government. I imagine RFTA has excellent lobbyists, so I would not be surprise if RFTA received the full $24 million. Perhaps RFTA should allocate some of this grant to reducing speeding infractions, and hold off on new bus stations and WiFiw until some other time.

Kim Vieira

Aspen Village

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