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RFPC obsessed with Israel

Dear Editor:For Jim Paussa, the letters back and forth on the “Jewish thing” are because it seems that most of the members of the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition (RFPC) are obsessed with Israel.You don’t hear much from them about genocide in Darfur and Chechnya, or Muslim-Christian conflict in Indonesia, the Philippines or other places. With these folks, it’s all Israel, all the time.Contrary to what the people at RFPC write, the great majority of Israelis would give back most of the West Bank and all of Gaza (which is about to happen if Palestinian terrorists don’t attack in an attempt to stop the withdrawal). Israel has tried in vain to make peace with most of her Arab neighbors for 57 years. She finally did with Egypt and Jordan and hopefully one day soon will have some peace with the Palestinians. Israel has returned land acquired during defensive wars (the Sinai to Egypt).Yes, the Palestinian refugees live in miserable conditions. Why didn’t the 22 Arab countries make a real attempt to resettle them and give them citizenship, as Israel did with a nearly equal number of Jewish refugees who left or were forced from their homes in Arab lands? Only Jordan has taken this step.Yes, there’s more than one narrative, to quote Stefan Edlis. He seems like a reasonable person, someone I’d probably enjoy talking with even if we didn’t agree. I’m sure we could find common ground somewhere.And then there’s Sue Gray. According to Ms. Gray, Israel has no narrative, no right to exist as a Jewish country surrounded by all those Muslim states. She continually distorts or flat-out lies about Israeli history. She parrots Palestinian propaganda until you think you’re listening to Arafat. She even twists and distorts the Jewish Bible and other holy books.She tries to compare the accidental death of a Palestinian man in a wheelchair, during a military operation, to the deliberate actions of the suicide bombers and the monsters who send them, who pack bombs with nails and target Israeli children and teenagers. And she says she’s not anti-Semitic because her father-in-law was Jewish and changed his name (yeah Sue, and some of my best friends and relatives are Jewish, too).Jerry EpsteinAspen and Philadelphia

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