Revise the offseason bus schedule |

Revise the offseason bus schedule

Dear Editor:

With this week kicking off the offseason bus schedule, I was reminded about how inconvenient the fall schedule is for us locals. The Hunter Creek bus stops running at 12 a.m., which I think is unfair because 99 percent of the people who take the Hunter Creek bus are year-round locals! At least in the spring, there were free taxis from Rubey Park that would leave on the hour, but for the fall, I do not believe there is an option to do this. I remember walking home in the dark last fall and seeing six bears.

I am very appreciative of the RFTA service, and it has been a great convenience since I have moved to the valley, but the offseason schedule is really unfair to us locals! I am not looking forward to being fearful of bears (and the few Aspen creepers) walking home late at night during this offseason and was wondering if there were any alternatives to paying a cab $15 to go five minutes.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sara Dubow


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