Revise Social Security |

Revise Social Security

Dear Editor,Amy Rutkowski’s letter of Feb. 4 is a fine example of leftist mentality that demands our government pay them just because they are “entitled” to a payment. With an unfunded, pay-as-you-go Social Security system in desperate need of change, socialists like Rutkowski cry that they have a “right” to welfare (aka Social Security).My message to Rutkowski is that if she wants a “happy, healthy” financially secure retirement, she better get to work, make money and save/invest for retirement. I don’t believe that as a fellow citizen I should be expected to guarantee her retirement income. Rutkowski and her fellow travelers need to wake up and recognize that the Soviet style economics they support didn’t work. Revising Social Security to accommodate the economic reality of the 21st century is a top priority and in the long term can help provide Rutkowski with the “happy, healthy” retirement she seems to believe she is “entitled” to.Bill SchafferAspen

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