Reviewing Bus Rapid Transit |

Reviewing Bus Rapid Transit

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to “RFTA Elected Officials.”)Dear Editor:No doubt, the largest item of business for RFTA over the next 16 months will be the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Plan.This project developed out of the Corridor Investment Study (CIS) completed in 2003, and a previous version of the attached file was submitted as part of the public comment for that process. At the time, it was written for an audience who had just completed reviewing the CIS, or at least had a copy at hand. This new version has been expanded to be more useful as a self contained review, but was not updated in terms of dates and dollar amounts.Elected officials and the media have the protection of the public interest as their primary role, and the attached comments should prove helpful in defining some of the most basic questions, which must be addressed in order to assess the appropriate level of public investment in the BRT plan.Jeffrey EvansBasalt


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