Revere’s revenge |

Revere’s revenge

Dear Editor:Paul Revere, courier extraordinaire: I rode through the valley to my dismay, I logged in my journal for full display. Total displacement is clear to see, if it wasn’t for the rich man’s castle, it would not be.No lads of the valley will apprentice you see, what once was the upvalley will never be. We worked the mountain’s majestic they be, too bad they’re clouded with illegal activity. The name of the game is cheat to compete, they sensor our voices to make it complete.I’ll take my message to the crown itself, I’ll present this letter to the floor of the house. I’ll ask him, sir please explain to me, how in the king’s name could this ever be?In the king’s name they did commit this offense, the citizen is owed a great recompense. My weapon is handy, I have plenty of ink, when it comes to Homeland Security, you really stink! Marc RichardsonSilt