Revelshine: A marriage of wine and outdoor adventures |

Revelshine: A marriage of wine and outdoor adventures

When you’re looking to enjoy a libation in the great outdoors, why is wine not your drink of choice?

People often tote beer up a fourteener to cheers when reaching the top, canned cocktails are starting to fill up coolers on river trips and hard seltzers seem to be the universal alcoholic drink of choice for any and all outdoor activities.

But what about wine?

Jake Bilbro, founder of Revelshine wine
Courtesy of Revelshine

“Do people in the outdoors just only drink craft beer and whiskey out of a flask, is that it?” asked Jake Bilbro, a fourth-generation winemaker, outdoor enthusiast and founder of Revelshine, your new favorite adventure-friendly wine.

While up to now wine and outdoor activities haven’t naturally gone hand in hand, Bilbro is on a mission to change that sentiment.

Revelshine was born out of a frustration “that my two loves, which are the outdoors and wine, really don’t exist together. And I didn’t understand why,” he said.

“It really came down to I just don’t think that anybody ever put wine in the right vessel to make it fit for outdoor consumption.”

That “right vessel” is an aluminum bottle. Revelshine wine comes in three varieties – white, red and rosé – all packaged in an extremely lightweight (read: portable), environmentally friendly aluminum bottle with a screw top that can go everywhere a traditional wine glass bottle can’t.

Bilbro said he chose aluminum because it’s the most upcycled, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging material there is, making it a no-brainer for a business that at its core is built around sustainable practices. Revelshine is part of 1% for the Planet, giving back and donating money to Jeremy Jones’ Protect Our Winters organization. Jones is also a Revelshine co-founder.

Keeping Revelshine cool in the river
Courtesy Revelshine

Two bonus features of the aluminum bottle worth applauding are how cool it keeps the rosé and the white (especially if you stick it in the snow or river for a few minutes) and how helpful the resealable top is when taking wine on the go, so you can enjoy it one glass at a time and not worry about wasting.

And you’re not going to want to waste a drop once you try it.

The three Revelshine varieties are kept purposefully simple in name – red, white and rosé — as Bilbro is not blending the wine to fit traditional characteristics of different varietal’s such as Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, but instead he’s “blending to try to make the wine that’s most applicable to the outdoor experience that I think is going to benefit from it or where that kind of the marriage of those two worlds would actually occur.”

For example, the avid outdoorsman said he created the white wine by envisioning being out on the river in the summer fly fishing, taking a break and sitting down in the warm sunshine with his feet in the cold water and imagining what he wanted the drink in his hand to taste like.

The answer was a light, crisp and refreshingly dry white wine, “like a French-style wine,” and from there Revelshine White was born.

While it’s pretty much choose your own adventure when it comes to which style you want to drink, Bilbro said he does feel a level of kinship in pairing the white with a river adventure, the red with a crisp evening in the mountains and the rosé … well maybe the rosé is the hard seltzer of Revelshine in that it seems to be enjoyed by all and pairs well with any activity.

“Rosé is almost like a category of itself. I mean, it’s so popular now,” he noted. “It’s almost not even wine, like there’s wine and beer and spirits and then rosé is its own thing. I see from experience that people are drinking rosé all the time, no matter what.”

Revelshine Rosé definitely drinks like an anytime wine, but also like a sophisticated bottle of rosé. It’s bright and crisp, leaning toward the dry side of rosé, not sweet and sugary.

While somewhat non-traditional in its methods, Bilbro maintains that he isn’t trying to redefine wine culture with Revelshine, but rather expand it.

“Wine culture is a beautiful, beautiful thing,“ he said. ”I don’t want to reinvent it. But I’d like to reimagine and expand it, to bring that beauty of celebration and beauty of community communal consumption into a broader area.“

There are moves to expand the distribution of Revelshine, but until then Bilbro is currently perfectly content to see people connecting with the product and “enjoying wine in outdoor places.”

“It just really makes me happy to see people enjoying those two worlds (wine and the outdoors) together, because I really, honestly and authentically felt like they always should be together.”

Revelshine Facts

– The grapes come from “real, authentic, rugged, wild places” in Northern California. All the vineyards are organic and sustainable.

– Local legend Chris Davenport is a co-founder, along with Belly Up Aspen favorite Donavon Frankenreiter

– You can purchase Revelshine online at It’s $45 for a three pack, but they also have six, 12 and 18 pack options.

– Each bottle of Revelshine is 500ML, which equals at least three standard pours of wine, making it perfect for sharing with your adventure buddies.

– For more information visit