Revealing the source |

Revealing the source

Dear Editor:Some people have asked me where I’ve been getting my information about biofuels, and biofuel and hydrogen production using clean alternatives to fossil fuels and/or nuclear power, so I’m supplying a few websites, listed below, to help folks get started. I’m confident that once other people start to research this material, they, too, will see that we’re not being given the honest story concerning the feasibility of clean alternatives.Here are the websites: – This was the site that got it all started for me. It’s how I’ve come to the conclusion that government taxation and regulation is being used to keep us tied to the petroleum tit and prevent and impede the average citizen from converting over to biofuel use). – I entered the search phrases “solar stills for ethanol production,” and, “solar hydrogen production from water” and was presented with a wealth of sites to go to). – Particularly enlightening was his “The Greatest Conspiracy of the Last Century” – absolutely chilling!The following websites are for companies that are already employing biofuel alternatives for diesel engines. These are real life success stories from people that are doing it: and And don’t forget the people who are employing ethanol as a viable biofuel alternative to petroleum like the folks in Brazil, for instance.Biofuels work. People worldwide are proving that every day, so we do have a choice in what we fuel our cars with in spite of what Vice President “Moby” Dick Cheney says to the contrary. For all his pious rhetoric about how we’re “addicted to oil,” and how we have to kick the habit, President Bush is full of hot air when it comes to putting our money where his mouth is. His proposed budget actually cuts funding for alternative fuels research and development and calls for selling off public lands for more oil and natural gas exploration/exploitation and drilling. The man has no intention of seriously pushing for clean alternatives to fossil fuels and/or nuclear power, and his ongoing commitment to their continued use and refusal to acknowledge global warming just confirms that.We follow his lead at our own peril. Our invasion of Iraq was planned long before 9/11. War is a great way to make a ton of cash. Just ask President Bush’s Halliburton buddies.I, for one, am not being duped.Bob KeenanCarbondale