Revealing the source |

Revealing the source

Dear Editor:Bob Keenan sort of has the right idea, except that burned fuels, whether fossil or bio, are still burned fuels. The real issue is twofold: 1. We have enough fuels, fossil or otherwise, in this country to be independent of the oil despots and dictators in the rest of the world FOREVER! 2. We ought to pursue with the vigor of a moon program, high efficiency, high temperature, LIQUID burning solid oxide hydrogen fuel cell technology that would eventually cut ours, as well as the rest of the worlds, fuel use by two thirds to three fourths. There is a vast amount of NONrenewable energy right here in the Rocky Mountain West, that dwarfs any renewable source. According to a 2005 Rand Corp. research paper prepared for the DOE (, in the Western U.S. there is 1.5 trillion barrels of oil in oil shale of which 800 Billion are recoverable. That is more than three times the proven reserves in Saudi Arabia and enough to keep us energy-INDEPENDENT for the next 400 years. 400 years assumes we continue our present use rate. If we pursue SOFHC technology the 400 years becomes 1,200 years. No one has the vision to see what technological developments may occur in that time frame. Shell oil says they can be competitive, in-situ, at around $25 per barrel and be significantly less damaging to the environment, too. In addition the U.S. has huge coal resources that could economically be converted to a form of crude oil as the Germans did in WWII. Coal cost 15 cents to provide the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline at around $2.25 (15-to-1 advantage). The Canadians have tar sands that represent even more resources on the North American Continent. It is obvious that out of a false fear of solar caused global warming or a death wish of some sort we chose to send trillions in oil money to Muslim countries to finance our own demise. This needs to stop. We have the resources to do it!Mike MasonCedaredge