Revealing Kerry’s character |

Revealing Kerry’s character

The following is a statement from a wire story in The Aspen Times Feb. 9: “Kerry was awarded the Bronze Star for a rescue, less than a month after earning a Silver Star for beaching his boat and jumping ashore to chase down and kill a guerrilla who had a rocket launcher pointed at the Americans. After being awarded three Purple Hearts for minor injuries, Kerry’s request for reassignment stateside six months early was granted.”

John Kerry was awarded a Bronze Star for rescuing a crew member while under enemy fire. Thousands of med-evac mission crews did the same with no fanfare.

Kerry’s actions (Silver Star) are a textbook example of how to set your unit up for an ambush. The beaching of his boat took away his crew’s mobility and the firepower of the boat’s weapons. He was lucky not to find a superior enemy force of V.C. (guerrillas) waiting for him during his chase or to be fragged by his own troops for another episode like this one.

Purple Hearts were awarded for wounds received, and there is no indication that Kerry spent one day in the hospital for his three awards. Three Purple Hearts for minor injuries?

Kerry requested and was granted a six-month early out of Vietnam that meant he did not serve a full tour of 12 months. Al Gore was given the same deal.

A check of Kerry’s military records should reveal the character of his service, along with identification of who countenanced his actions.

A total of 58,234 souls were lost in Vietnam. You can call them heroes!

James E. Foster

Lt. Col. USA RTD