Reuse your plastic tops, create art |

Reuse your plastic tops, create art

Dear Editor:

Seventh-grade art students at the Aspen Middle School are doing an art project using recycled materials. We are doing this project to raise awareness of the harm that single-use plastics, such as the tops of plastic water bottles, do to the environment.

Because these are not recyclable they end up in the landfills and littering our oceans, adding to the Great Pacific Garbage Dump. Sea creatures and birds eat the plastic, which makes them sick.

For our project we are reusing plastic tops, instead of using new materials to create art. We need the community to help by donating any plastic tops from water bottles, juice, Gatorade, soda, Clorox or Wet Ones wipes, and even shampoo tops, etc. (the kind that cannot be recycled). Note: We do not need metal tops.

Please send or drop off bottle tops in the Aspen Middle School front office or contact Rae Lampe to pick them up (970) 309-2668.

Makenzie Langley, Katherine Laverman, Theresa Martin, Marissa Buchholz, Zoe Starensier, Julia Foran, Tierny Sutton, Mikayla O’ Callaghan, Nuvia Chaparro, Brisa Sandoval and Abril Flores

Seventh graders Aspen Middle School