Return of Soupskol event big hit; winners announced for Aspen’s annual Winterskol events |

Return of Soupskol event big hit; winners announced for Aspen’s annual Winterskol events

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Lars Earl shaves the snow on the finished Anderson Ranch Arts Center Wintersculpt piece titled “Need for Green” on Saturday, January 11, 2020. The team that built the piece was comprised of all 8th grade students. “We’re just a bunch of friends that skipped school yesterday to make this,” said Earl. “We drew our blueprint of what we wanted to do during recess.”
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

The return of Soupskol to Aspen’s annual Winterskol festival was a big hit, and the winners were announced for the Friday night event as well as the other weekend competitions.

Organizers said nearly 800 people filled the Aspen Art Museum, and lines went down the stairs and out the door for the return of the best soup in Aspen event.

The winner for the soup competition was Castle Creek Cafe at Aspen Valley Hospital, which served a carrot ginger soup with coconut flakes. Meat & Cheese’s Korean clam chowder soup was second followed by the corn beef reuben soup dished out by Grateful Deli.

The Infinitski won the best in show for Anderson Ranch Art Center’s Wintersculpt event as four teams took to 8-by-8-foot blocks of snow in the 48-hour competition. Team Local Yokels of Emily Taylor, Charlie Curtis, Andy Curtis and Sandra Prado Curtis won $1,000 and four one-day ski passes.

The 69th annual Winterskol theme this year was “Legendary Past, Visionary Future”; the Wintersculpt’s best thematic prize went to “Green Future: Intriguing Past.” Team Need for Green — Edwin Ryerson, Adelaide Ryerson, Andrew Perley, Lars Earl and Beau Toepfer — won $750 and two single-day ski passes.

The most artistic award was “Infinite Possibilities” for $500 for the Peak Season team of Maura Trumble, Alex Griffin, Megan Voiles, Sean O’Bryant and Jenny Narrod.

At the 32nd annual Canine Fashion Show on the mall near Wagner Park, dogs and their humans took to the stage Saturday afternoon for fun in a few categories.

“Best in Snow” went to the Steinberg Girls with Obi. Other winners included Nina Zale with Dora Lee for Most Adorable; Jessie Chaley with Buddah for Best Dog Owner Look Alike; and Best Celebrity Look Alike for Harry Potter and owners the Carroll family.


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