Return of McCarthy era |

Return of McCarthy era

It was shocking to me, as a person who lives in Aspen, to read the allegations about the two Romanian taxi drivers that have been written in the Aspen Daily News.

It is shocking to me, as an American, and as an Aspen resident, to know that anyone can make completely unsubstantiated allegations against someone, anyone, to the Department of Homeland Security and have those people thrown in jail.

Unfortunately, it is not at all shocking to know that a newspaper will print completely unsubstantiated allegations against people.

These two men have lived, and worked, in Aspen and have friends that do not believe the allegations that have been printed about them.

And, so far, the only person who has stuck up for them has been their employer, who, perhaps, knows them better than anyone.

But there are, very definitely, two men in Aspen who have made the allegations.

Michael McGarry and Terry Paulson.

In my opinion, these two men, single-handedly, are trying to take us back to the McCarthy era.

I could write, in this letter, that I have heard, without any substance, that Michael McGarry has raped a girl.

I could write, in this letter, that I have heard, without any substance, that Terry Paulson has raped a girl.

And that is exactly what it would be. An allegation, without substance.

And Michael McGarry and Terry Paulson have made these allegations, without substance, about two people who have lived and worked in this town, and who have friends, and have had these two men thrown into jail.

Because we now have the Department of Homeland Security.

Who listens to unsubstantiated allegations and acts upon them.

What is the quote about, for evil to happen, good people simply have to do nothing?

In my opinion, Michael McGarry should, immediately, be run out of town on a rail.

And, in my opinion, our councilman, Terry Paulson, should, immediately, be recalled and then run out of town on a rail.

They have made the unsubstantiated allegation that a “local American citizen woman” has been raped.

And have had two men, legal or not, thrown into jail.

All of us, Terry Paulson and Michael McGarry included, know people, friends of ours, legal, and illegal, who are living in this town and performing jobs, extremely well, that “local American citizens” are simply not applying for.

They are not taking away “our” jobs, they are simply performing their jobs.

Regardless of this allegation, is it somehow worse that a “local American citizen woman” has been raped, than another woman, local, American, citizen or not?

This is exactly what happened in the Joe McCarthy era.

This is not the America that I have grown up in and love.

And this is not the town of Aspen, that I live in, and that I love.

These two men should be ashamed of themselves.

The town of Aspen should be ashamed.

Every friend of these two men who has not stood up for them should be ashamed.

The Aspen Daily News should be ashamed for reporting completely unsubstantiated allegations.

And The Aspen Times should be ashamed for not, that I’ve seen, reporting this story at all.

Peter T. Kelly



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