Rethinking what’s important |

Rethinking what’s important

Dear Editor:Thanks for the article by Joel Stonington showing the downside of Aspen hosting the X Games (“To some locals, this suX,” Jan. 29). While the athletes demonstrate excellence in their respective sports, the sponsors and spectators encourage full-out outrageously destructive behavior. Seems to be a sign of the greater culture in America today and it doesn’t demonstrate the best our kids could be, but what a culture that says “anything goes to the max” is perpetuating.Maybe we need to rethink at least here in Aspen what we’re telling our kids is important and to strive for what is good, what is right and what is positive rather than how messed up they can get. Before the next X Games here, perhaps the organizers could think on these things and provide alternatives to making the games and their sponsors a much more positive influence.Jeannie CarterAspen