Rethink it please, Ms. Jacobson |

Rethink it please, Ms. Jacobson

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to your article in Wednesday’s paper regarding the Valley Kids Art Show. With all due respect, Ms. Jacobson, if I were a new director and chief curator of a museum, exposure would be very important to me. The Valley Kids Art Show allows approximately 1,500 children the opportunity of introduction to the Aspen Art Museum. As the children walk through the doors of the Aspen Art Museum, along come one, if not two, parents (not to mention extended family and friends). Now, how many people have come to the Aspen Art Museum and it is because of the Valley Kids Art Show? Do the math, I believe that would be exposure!I know firsthand how difficult it is to orchestrate and implement programs for children. I do it every day. Children want neither lectures nor tours – with teens they want hands-on. They want to know they worked hard on something and can now see it shine. The Valley Kids Art Show is just that, a chance to shine.Ms. Jacobson, I ask you and your overwhelmed staff to rethink the Valley Kids Art Show. Deb MorrisonCamp Chip-a-Tooth, Basalt

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