Restraint of trade |

Restraint of trade

(This letter was originally sent to the Aspen Valley Hospital Board.)

I am deeply concerned about the controversy surrounding Aspen Center for Women’s Health.

It appears that Dr. Kenton Bruice has possibly broken his contract with Aspen Center for Women’s Health to go out on his own. This action is potentially being supported by the hospital board while leaving the midwives at Women’s Health without a physician.

The midwives at Aspen Center for Women’s Health have been providing the best care for women’s health in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 20 years. They serve the most patients and have made the greatest efforts to serve the Hispanic community as well.

I am very concerned that the Aspen Valley Hospital Board is not more supportive of the midwives at Aspen Center for Women’s Health. I am also concerned that this board would continue to support a physician who has possibly acted in a very unprofessional manner and jeopardized the quality care that is necessary to so many women in this valley.

Our community needs to speak up so that the hospital board understands we do not approve of what appears to be a “restraint of trade” and the protection of physicians who do not serve our community in a healthy fair manner.

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